Vintage Articulated Red Desk Lamp. Retro.

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Vintage Articulated Red Desk Lamp

Adjustable head, and neck with adjustment knobs. Heavy cast iron base with cut out for paper clips or small office supplies.

The base measures 6" in diameter and approximately 22" from top to bottom when extended straight up.

Made in Taiwan, but not sure of the exact year of manufacture or who made it. The tags on the arms look to be late 1960's or 1970's but not positive.

The color is a red color but it seems to have faded with time. It is almost a reddish-pink. There are minor handling marks and tiny white paint specks from over-spray throughout the piece. On the inside of the lampshade, where the bulb goes, there appears to have been a sticker at one time that has been removed and there is a slight color difference (see second to last photo).

The lamp works great, but a bulb WILL NOT be included.

It is a very cool retro lamp and would look great in a number of spaces throughout the home or office.