Planters The Name For Quality Counter Display - 1960's

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1960's Antique Planters Nuts "The Name for Quality" counter display.

This metal rack clamps to the counter to display Planters Nuts.

I have never seen this variation before.

The painted metal shows wear on the main tray. It is flaky and flaking off. The sides with the name and slogan are in pretty good shape with minimal wear. Primarily just rusty spots & a nice patina. The clamps are froze up from rust and dust, but with a good spray, should loosen up and be functional once again.

The piece measures 18.25" across & 7.5" deep (not including clamps). It sits 4.25" tall (not including clamps).

A fantastic piece for the Planters Nuts collector or anyone trying to complete a general store or service station!