Jack's Stunt Book 1923 by John M Kumler. Book of Comedy

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Jack's Stunt Book 1923 by John M Kumler.

This is a small, antique book of 48 pages of comedic "stunts." There are a few small illustrations throughout the book. There are around 100 "stunts" or small comedic pranks for social settings. Great example of what was viewed as comedy in the 1920s!

The book itself measures approximately 6 1/4" tall x 4 3/4" wide.

The overall condition of the book is in very good shape for an almost 100-year-old, small, paper book. There are some tears to the covers. The binding shows some light wear and tear including creasing and some dings & dents. The pages look to be in great shape. I did not go page by page, however, I flipped through the entire book, and beside the title page (photoed), I saw no significant signs of damage. The title page shows a smudge line across the title. It appears to be old and somewhat scrapes off the page. The other pages just show some wear around the binding and are an almost manilla color, but that is really it.

This would be an excellent gift for the comedian or collector of comedic items. Be sure to check out the pictures for a few exerts of the comedy genius of the 1920s!