Antique Leather Comedy Postcard featuring Licking Cow early 1900s

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"O Charlie, Stop That Fooling!" leather, hand-painted funny postcard from the early 1900s.

It features a cow licking a lady on the cheek while "Charlie" appears to be bent over picking the lady some flowers.

The beautiful postcard was never mailed but appears to be from Little Rock Arkansas. "Little Rock Ark" is written in ink on the front of the card.

Charlie's hatband, the lady's dress, and the flowers in her hat are all painted red. The tree and some of the bushes and grass are painted green, but it has faded substantially.

This fantastic leather survivor measures approximately 5x3. It has age-appropriate wear including, ink fading, staining, scuffs to the leather, and wrinkling of the backside of the card which is normal for the "rough-side" of leather (see pics).

It would look great framed and be great for a cow collector or incorporated into a country motif.